Royal Antwerp Society for Micrography

The members of our society have been gathering almost every Monday evening for more than 85 years to work on their favourite topic: microscopy.

During these evenings the main business is to make slides. One of the members will provide the necessary sections, and at the end of the evening he also will present the micrographical part: the topic of that day is discussed using projection, photographs, description and drawings.

Thanks to the hospitality of the Antwerp University (Universiteit Antwerpen), Campus Drie Eiken, we are able to use a laboratory with enough stereoscopic and binocular microscopes. 
Our members can also access our library there (more than 550 volumes + several periodicals) and our collection of slides (more than 2500 microscopical preparations). We can provide our members with colouring, mountants, other chemical compounds and necessary materials and equipment. Several types of microtomes are also available.

Although the society has no written regulations, our members have delivered some solid (scientific) work throughout the past decades. Thanks to an exclusion of any political or philosophical convictions, the spirit of good comradeship between the members has ruled our society, with the only thing of importance being microscopy!